Do You Need Physical Therapy?

What to expect...

  • You DO NOT necessarily need a physician's referral for Physical Therapy. Speak with your PT about your requirements.
  • You will receive a full evaluation and a comprehensive plan will be established.
  • All treatment sessions will be ONE-ON-ONE and will include modalities (hot/cold/soft tissue/myofascial work) as needed, therapeutic exercise (pilates-based) and review of home program.
  • Your PT will make every effort to mesh your treatment plan with other disciplines you may be using to address your particular injury.
  • All services are CASH-BASED, meaning payment is due at time of service.
  • You will receive a receipt that can be submitted to your insurance company for possible out-of-network reimbursement. All reimbursement is directly to you, not Coremotion.
  • You will have the opportunity to use the Pilates equipment during your treatment sessions as all therapeutic exercise is core-based. Home programs will utilize the Pilates method, as well. 

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